POHA-Denver Diversify Nutrition scholarship and/or stipend

POHA-Denver is a grant housed within the Department of Nutrition at Metropolitan State University of Denver that supports the POHA-Denver Diversify Nutrition scholarships and stipends for MSU Denver nutrition graduate students. The overall goal of the POHA-Denver grant is to address the need in the United States and state of Colorado for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) who are culturally diverse. POHA-Denver’s primary objectives are to increase the number and success of students who come from minoritized backgrounds to enroll in and succeed in post baccalaureate dietetics degree programs and to increase efforts to grow faculty, staff, student and practitioner knowledge on diversity and cultural intelligence. Students of all backgrounds are eligible and encouraged to apply for the POHA-Denver scholarship. More information about the POHA-Denver grant can be found here: https://www.msudenver.edu/nutrition/diversity/poha-denver-diversify-nutrition-grant/in and on the MSU Denver Department of Nutrition website.(www.msudenver.edu/nutrition)

Scholarship and stipend recipients are required to attend workshops and seminars tied to the POHA-Denver grant efforts and to maintain satisfactory progress within the nutrition graduate program. Failure to maintain satisfactory progress as outlined by the program guidelines will result in removal from the scholarship and stipend program. Student’s must have a FAFSA and a complete file with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to be considered for this opportunity.

Example of POHA events:
• Book club
• Peer mentoring trivia meeting
• Anti-Racist module review
• Financial wellness education
• Group advising meeting

For full scholarship consideration, please answer all of the following questions:

$5,000 ($2,500 per term) for scholarship and/or stipend award other non-monetary benefits may be available
Nutrition - Dietetics
Supplemental Questions
  1. POHA-Denver Diversify Nutrition
    • A. Are you currently an undergraduate student at MSU Denver?
    • B. Were you previously an undergraduate student at MSU Denver?
    • C. What languages other than English do you speak, and please describe your level of proficiency
    • D. Are you a first-generation college student?
    • E. Why do you think diversity is needed (important) in the nutrition and dietetics profession?
    • F. Please describe how you could contribute to enhancing diversity within the nutrition graduate programs at MSU Denver and within the nutrition and dietetics profession.
    • G. Describe your cultural life experiences and how they align with the goals and objectives of the POHA-Denver grant.
    • H. How do you intend to use this scholarship if awarded?
    • I. If you were a POHA scholar previously, what would you hope to gain from another year as a POHA scholar?
    • J. How will attending the POHA required workshops, events, and advising sessions impact your educational experience? For reference, please see an example of a typical POHA event schedule in the scholarship description above.