Fair Awards for Excellence in French, German and Spanish

The purpose of the Fund is to provide awards that support outstanding students majoring in French, German and Spanish at MSU Denver.

This scholarship is established to honor Leonard Augustus Fair (1884- 1980) and Anna Brady Fair (1891-1972), Colorado homesteaders and longtime residents of Denver. Mr. Fair was a quiet, gentle, patient man known to be at his strongest when life was at its toughest. Mrs. Fair was bright and intelligent with a strong interest in education. They encouraged their only child, Jeane Decline Fair, to attain the highest degree of education, which she honored by receiving a Ph.D. in Modern Languages. Dr. Fair was an esteemed founding member of the faculty of MSU Denver from 1965 through 1972.

• Be a student majoring in French, German, or Spanish

College of Letters Arts and Sciences, World Languages (Formerly Modern Languages)