Peierls Student Teacher Scholarship

To address the identified financial needs of students who are in the last stages of preparing to be teachers, i.e. doing their student teaching. During that time, they cannot be employed, which creates a significant burden on them. The Peierls Foundation wants to support their becoming teachers and reduce the financial stress and problems that affect many of these students. The foundation highly values the contribution made by teachers in our community.
• Be a U.S. citizen
• Have been accepted into the teacher licensure program at Metropolitan State University of Denver
• Have completed all other college programs and degree requirements
• Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
• Award available only during semester(s) in which practice teaching is taking place
• Merit and/or financial need based

School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. Type a 500-word essay that describes the unique role/significance of the teacher (and student teacher) as a community member.
  2. Student Teaching
    • a. What education level will you be student teaching?
    • b. Are you student teaching in the upcoming academic year?
    • c. If so, what term?