Centura Health Scholars Program Scholarship

Program and Course Description:
The Centura Health Scholars Program (CHSP) is a nine-month program beginning in Fall 2020. This program aims to prepare accepted students to transition from the classroom into meaningful careers at Centura. Accepted students will have the opportunity to imagine and explore their career trajectories at Centura and connect with Centura mentors. The program will be housed within MSU Denver’s Health Institute.

CHSP Requirements:
-At least Sophomore standing (30 credits)
-Must be currently enrolled and in good academic standing at MSU Denver
-2.5 GPA or higher (please include an unofficial copy of current academic transcript)
-Must intend to take at least 6 credits in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semester
-Must be prepared to submit background check documentation upon acceptance into the program
-Must be willing and able to enroll in a 3 credit course in the Fall 2020 semester and commit to meet requirements over 9 month program

CHSP Program Course Objectives
• Increase student GPA
• Increase student retention rates
• Increase student graduation rates
• Facilitate placement in health-related career fields at Centura Health
The following activities will support the program course objectives:
• Financial assistance through scholarships and stipends
• Advising, curricula/ training, mentoring and life coaching opportunities
• Team-building activities to build social capital
• Wellness, life balance and stress reduction activities

Accepted students will receive $3,600 in scholarships over the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semester and $1,400 in stipends ($700 each semester) dependent on meeting program requirements.

College of Health and Human Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. In chronological order beginning with high school, please list schools you have attended/ are currently attending (including dates attended) and if a degree was granted.
  2. Questions – Brief Responses. For the questions below, please limit your response to the space provided (3-5 full sentences. No bullet points.):
    • 1. Why are you interested in a career at Centura Health?
    • 2. Here is Centura’s mission statement and values. How does Centura's mission and values fit with your goals and aspiratoins? • Mission- Centura extends the health ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and nurturing the health of all people in their communities • Values- compassion, excellence, integrity, stewardship, respect, spirituality, imagination
    • 3. What is one job opportunity that would interest you at Centura and why?
    • 4. According to the World Health Organization, “‘health equity’ implies that ideally everyone should have a fair opportunity to attain their full health potential and no one should be disadvantaged from achieving this potential.” Describe a health inequity you are interested in learning more about. Briefly explain why it is important to you.
    • 5. What is the greatest barrier or obstacle to achieving your goals? How can this program help you navigate said barrier or obstacle?
  3. Personal Data
    • 1. Where did you grow up? (City, County, State)
    • 2. Gender Identity
    • 3. Do you plan to work while going to school? If yes, how many hours/week?
    • 4. When you complete your training, what setting do you want to work in most? Check all that apply
    • 5. When you complete your training, what populations do you want to serve most? Check all that apply:
    • 6. Is English your first language?
    • 7. If not,what is your first language?
    • 8. Race (check all that apply):